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September 26th, 27th and 28th 2017

The Ultimate Collaboration:

Our commitment to help our Citizens and stimulate our City’s economic growth ignited our imaginations.   Big challenges require big ideas.  We asked ourselves, what can we do, as a City, to help our 76,000 unemployed stakeholders secure employment opportunities, what can we do to assist in closing skill gaps, what can we do to assist organizations headquartered or operating in our City find applicants with the skills and qualifications they need within our City, and what can we do to assist with attracting people to live and work in our City?  Our answer.  Orchestrate an exceptional opportunity to bring together numerous stakeholders in the same place, at the same time to receive or provide employment opportunities and job readiness support and resource assistance.  Our outcome was the conceptualization of WorkBaltimore:  Empowerment to Employment Convention.

Our Ultimate Goal:

WorkBaltimore:  Empowerment to Employment Convention is a City-Wide Job, Skills Development and Resources Assistance Convention designed to connect current Baltimore City Residents with employment opportunities, as well as attract people to live and work in Baltimore City.  The Convention will facilitate the connection between active, passive, and exploratory job seekers and Baltimore City employers; provide job seekers with skills development workshops/seminars to assist them and/or ensure they receive resource assistance to effectively prepare for seeking, securing and retaining employment; and provide employers with a viable pool of qualified applications who are poised to meet their current and future business demands.

Our Program Elements Defined:

  • WorkBaltimore: Empowerment to Employment Convention is a 3 consecutive day event intended to attract participation from the full spectrum of job-seekers including the under-skilled, early career, mid-level, and highly-skilled and will provide a myriad of job readiness resources.

    Concurrent workshops/seminars and job readiness resources which may include resume preparation/critique; interviewing skills; career transition; salary negotiation; recovering from involuntary employment separation; re-entering the workforce; addressing employment gaps; building personal brand; applying for positions; early career development; multi-cultural/generational workforce dynamics; workplace ethics/conduct; social media strategies for job searches; non-degreed job opportunities; adult literacy and computer training; job match assessments; and childcare/eldercare resources.

  • Connect Baltimore City Residents with a high volume of local and diverse employers across multiple industries.

    From nationally ranked medical facilities and institutions of higher learning to hospitality and athletic apparel manufacturing, as well as national retailers, Baltimore City is the home to a broad variety of employers. The Convention will provide our City employers with an opportunity to recruit and hire from the local talent pool. 

  • Underscore the benefits of living and working in Baltimore City.

    Partner with groups and organizations that are committed to empowering residents and fostering the growth and revitalization of Baltimore City neighborhoods and businesses.  The Convention will provide these partner stakeholders with a platform for engaging with current and future Baltimore City residents to provide services, share information and resources.

Catherine E Pugh                                                                                   Mary H. Talley
Mayor                                                                                                       Director & Chief 
                                                                                                                  Human Capital Officer

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