About Us

The Department of Human Resources is responsible for attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse and quality workforce. In order to accomplish its mission, the Department develops, implements and administers the City’s human resource policies, regulations, programs and related special projects. The Department is comprised of seven divisions through which it operates and delivers its services. The divisions are Classification and Compensation, Employee Benefits, Training, Employee Assistance, Recruitment, and Systems Support. The Director’s Office provides leadership, management, technical and administrative oversight for the Department, ensuring that the staff has the tools, skills, and support to perform their jobs as strategic business partners to City agencies.

In addition, the Department serves as support to the Civil Service Commission. Established by the City Charter, the Civil Service Commission advises the Mayor on personnel issues and investigates and rules on appeals of termination, suspensions over 30 days and demotions of civil service employees. While the Commission is responsible for the final determination of personnel rules and regulations, the Department of Human Resources’ responsibilities span the daily operations of the City.

Director's Office

The Director's Office is responsible for the department-wide administrative and human resources functions including procurement, payroll, policies, procedures and all fiscal responsibilities. This Division is also responsible for administration to the Civil Service Commission including handling appeals, civil service rules and all matters that require the attention of the Civil Service Commission.