Employment Opportunities

Welcome to the City of Baltimore Employment Opportunities

You can now apply for Baltimore City classified civil service positions online by clicking on the job title of interest ! Paper applications will no longer be accepted!


All employees of the City of Baltimore are civil servants unless they are excluded by the Charter of Baltimore City or State law.  In the judgement of the Civil Service Commission, persons who are deemed to exercise policy-making discretion or occupy a position of special trust and confidence are excluded from membership in the Civil Service.


Civil Service positions are governed by the Civil Service Commission and the Civil Service Rules.  These rules include guidelines relating to hiring, promotions/demotions, grievances, terminations and other personnel actions.

Non-civil service positions are not bound by the Civil Service Commission or the Civil Service Rules.  Non-civil service positions are considered “at will”.  An “at will” employee, without the protections of the Civil Service Commission, may be discharged from their employment by the Appointing Authority, at any time, for cause or without cause.  

Additional information is available at www.baltimorepolice.org.


The City of Baltimore is an Equal Opportunity Employer.