Employee Benefits


The Office of Employee Benefits administers and communicates the City's Health and Welfare benefits plans for all active employees, retirees and their dependents.  The Division serves as a liaison between members and the various carriers who are under contract to provide benefits to the City.

The City of Baltimore offers a comprehensive benefit package for regular(benefit-eligible) employees working at least 30 hours per week.  Enrollment into the City of Baltimore's group medical, prescription, drug, dental, vision, optional life and AD&D and Health Care FSA and Dependent Care FSA plans must be completed online within 45 days of employment, during the 2-week Annual Open Enrollment Period, and within 60 days of a Qualifying event.  Temporary, seasonal and contractual employees working 30 hours or more per week over a 12-month Initial Measurement Period are offered medical and prescription drug coverage only at the end of the initial measurement period.  Failure to enroll online within these timeframes will forfeit benefit eligibility until the next open enrollment period.

Office of Employee Benefits,  7 E. Redwood Street, 20th Floor, Baltimore, MD  21202

(Phone) 410-396-5830

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PDF icon Open Enrollment What's New For 2020_rev1024.pdf


PDF icon 2020 Employee Enrollment Process.pdf

PDF icon 2020 Retiree Enrollment Process.pdf


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PDF icon HRPractioner_Onboarding Benefits Guide 2019_ACA_Rev.08142019.pdf


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PDF icon 2020SBC- Aetna HMO Unrepresented.DOCX

PDF icon 2020SBC- Aetna HMO Represented.DOCX

File 2020SBC-BCAdv Standard Option Under 45K Actives.DOCX

File 2020SBC- BCAdv Standard Option Over 45K Actives.DOCX

File 2020SBC- BCAdv High Option Represented.DOCX

File 2020SBC-BCAdv High Option Unrepresented.DOCX

File 2020SBC- Kaiser HMO Unrepresented.DOCX

File 2020SBC- Kaiser HMO Represented.DOCX



File COB - BCAdv High Option Pre-Medicare Retirees - 2020 SBC.docx

File 2020SBC- BCAdv Standard Option Pre-Medicare Retirees.DOCX

File 2020SBC- Kaiser HMO Pre-Medicare Retirees.DOCX