Training & Development Division

The  Training & Development Division is responsible for providing organization and personal development services. Our objective is to offer cutting edge programs that continually develop our employees. We embrace sound instructional systems design principles and continually improve our curriculum to meet the changing needs of the organization. We offer classroom and online learning opportunities for City of Baltimore employees.

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning is a significant change to training delivery at DHR Training & Development. While no single medium is best for every situation and every type of training, virtual learning provides an enhancement to training that has already been developed, by allowing users to access training anytime and anywhere.  Accordingly, DHR Training & Development is moving aggressively to adopt and apply virtual learning, to enhance classroom sessions and to provide well-rounded learning opportunities for all City of Baltimore employees.

Baltimore City Joint Apprenticeship Program

Baltimore City Joint Apprenticeship Program is the collaborative effort between the Mayor’s Office, Baltimore City Department of Human Resources, Office of the Labor Commissioner, Maryland Public Employees AFSCME Council 67/Local 44, the City Union of Baltimore and city agencies. The purpose of the program is to assure that the City of Baltimore has a qualified pool of journey persons who have been trained in the traditions of the craftsman. In an effort to realize the Mayor’s commitment to education and quality of life, the apprenticeship program continues to grow, offering an array of options for qualified applicants. For more information, contact Michael Alexander, Apprenticeship Program Administrator, at (410) 545-3260.


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